Does real democracy exist? Yes, right here

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Social Networking Smorgasbord

Social Networking Smorgasbord

On-line!  Everyday more people are getting their voices heard on the Internet.  Whether we come here to vent frustrations, share or gain knowledge, make new friends, or like Raychel and I, work to build social change movements (!), we can all come here and be who we are.  Here, we all matter.

The big story this week is the election fallout in Iran.  My heart goes out to those that are suffering the blatant attacks on their human and civil rights, but I know I am not alone when I say how excited I am to see how this fight for true democracy is unfolding!  Incumbent President Ahmadinejad and his cohorts are doing everything in their power to crack down on the protesters by blocking their communication tools and trying to dismiss them as disruptive riff-raff anarchists to international media.  We have seen oppressive regimes strip away people’s civil liberties many times before and hide from international attention, but with today’s social networking technology the people can advocate to the world directly.  The Iranian regime won’t let international media do their jobs, so protesters are uploading videos to Facebook via their phones, and using Twitter to organize each other in opposition!

Even the US State Department stepped in asking Twitter to postpone their scheduled site maintenance so that Iranian freedom fighters can keep communicating to the rest of the world.   The international community has gotten involved in the fight by enabling Iranians to access blocked social networking sites via proxy servers hosted in other countries!  WTF?!?  It’s a social movement the whole world is playing a part in because of the Internet.

Check out this incredible video taken by a protester on their phone and uploaded to Facebook.  That’s a ton of mother f^%$#*s!!!

The point is, we are only beginning to see the amazing potential the Internet and social networking sites have to allow us to form collective movements.  We can use the Internet to be more powerful than any government. Even the powerful Iran regime’s massive Internet censorship efforts haven’t stopped Iranians from communicating with the rest of the world about their plight, making sure that we are able to stand up behind them.

That is why we are getting this site up and running.  We want to function as a virtual meeting place where regulars and radicals alike can come together to get informed and empowered and make things happen.

And to those of you fighting in Iran, keep fighting.  We will be watching.

Much respect,



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