Ain’t Nothin but (GAY) Mammals

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Love comes in many forms for many species

Love comes in many forms for many species

Did you know that humans aren’t the only animals that mate with members of the same sex?

Research has been done that shows in areas where a specie of animal has become so populated relative to its food supply that it endangers its own survival, the animals will start to mate with members of its same sex.

So what is my point?  I don’t want to put people in boxes, but I am going to anyway and say that a lot of people who are against equal rights (not separate but equal) for the LGBT community are the same people who want to deny global warming and the dangers of our rapidly increasing human population on this planet.  Maybe that is because if they acknowledged the legitimacy of both of these issues, they would realize that the only answer to maybe abolishing homosexuality would be to revert to cave(wo)men lifestyles and stop having a bunch of kids (read: sex).

Okay maybe I am reaching…but seriously.  It is bewildering that still today so many of us still think that homosexuality is unnatural and that a whole set of people deserve less rights than the rest of us.  Take the time to have a conversation with someone who is against gay marriage and ask that person why.  They’ll usually tell you one of 3 answers –

  • 1.    my religion says its bad
  • 2.    its about the word “marriage.”  “Marriage” is between a man and a woman.  They can have something else.
  • 3.    and the perennial favorite reason for any stance on any issue – THE CHILDREN!

Then ask that person how Joe and Jason from Bakersfield’s marriage has affected their children or their church or their lives.  A moment of inward reflection.  “I guess it hasn’t,” they’ll likely respond.

It’s these kinds of conversations that are going to move this issue.  It is already happening, and it can happen faster.  This week a familiar face among the Washington elite and not usually one to take a bold stand, Senator Chris Dodd, “came out” in support of gay marriage, which I have to say is great to see.

So if you’re for equal rights for all, check out the websites below for ways you can help in having some of these simple conversations with voters.

Human Rights Campaign

Equality California

Courage Campaign

If you are still unsure about the issue, I ask you with all due respect to ask yourself a few questions that align with the 3 reasons stated above –

  • 1.    Is it not true that Jesus taught us to love all our fellow human beings equally?
  • 2.    Is it not true that your church or whichever Institutions you have faith in will continue to marry people as they see fit?  That it is only under the law that marriage would be equally available to all?
  • 3.    If you knew (and this is true) that the California Superintendent of Schools says that, should gay marriage become legal, nothing in the curriculum would change about how kids learn about marriage, would you worry less about your kids?  And besides, don’t you want your kids to grow up embracing ideals of tolerance and respect for all?

So let’s move on already and LET LOVE BE!  After all, you and me baby ain’t nothin but mammals.



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