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Consumerism schumerism

one.So, like, where do you go shopping?

No seriously. Where and from whom do you purchase your food, clothing, and commodities from? Before becoming aware of the impact of my purchasing decisions, I would just go shopping, look at the specials, and purchase whatever caught my attention through price or shininess. We can’t deny the lust factor of something shiny, and marketers know this. However, I came to realize how buying clothes made in sweatshops has a price tag a lot higher than what that small, square piece of paper reads. I came to realize how much damage the cost of beef has on the environment. I came to realize that shopping is a lot deeper than what we think.

Let’s start thinking about our power as the consumer!

You can make a HUGE impact in the world through your purchasing decisions. Think of how much you spend in a month. I’m sure the media hype over the economic recession has you counting all your pretty pennies, so I’m sure you are a lot more conscious of where they are going. I’m asking you to go a little further and start changing the way you shop. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, rich or poor, there’s a certain button in our brains that go off when we buy something new. It presents a sense of satisfaction. So think about how freaking good it will feel when you know that you when you buy a pair of shoes, an impoverished kid in Brazil is going to get the same pair. For free. Check out TOM’s shoes

There are so many ways to make an impact, you don’t have to be all up in the streets with foghorns and signs (although that would be way awesome) and by becoming a conscious consumer, you are speaking volumes with your decisions. If there is no market for commodities and services that are harmful to the environment or human rights, there will be no businesses for such commodities and services. You don’t have to shop at Whole Foods and drive a Prius to make a statement about your consumer purchases (although, again that would be way awesome) Think about not eating or purchasing meat for one day of the week. Reuse and refill your water bottle. Try not shopping at Wal-Mart. Small, subtle changes that nonetheless have the power to make an impact. And thats’ what we’re all about, bringing the power back into the hands of the people. So show some muscle and flex your consumer guns. Be a minimalist. To quote MGMT “Enjoy yourself, take only what you need…” If only we could all realize we already have everything we need

Here is the list of the 2009 Brands with a Conscience award-winners:

Chhatra Sagar



One Water

rag-bag h

TOMS Shoes

Paul Newman (Colin Morley Award)

For more information on conscious consumer shopping check or

Oh, and one more thing. Please turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth. Thanks 🙂

❤ Raychel


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