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Healthcare Reform


Why should you care about healthcare? If you have money, its not even an issue because you can go to any doctor you want. If you have a job, its not a issue since your company provides you with healthcare. If you’re young and healthy, its not even an issue because you probably don’t even go to the doctor on a regular basis. HOWEVER! (And this is a mighty however) If you are any of the above mentioned, in all actuality you should be concerned about healthcare reform. After doing a lil research, I came to a few conclusions:

1. Obama’s plan makes Health insurance more affordable for small-business owners or individuals (so those of you who freelance, have your own production company, run your own studio etc. you guys won’t have to pay WAY more than everyone else)

2. A public option is essential Amnesty believes “A Medicare-like public plan for all remains crucial for realizing the human right to health care in the United States.” I couldn’t agree more. Considering Americans are getting fatter by the second, and baby boomers are getting closer and closer to retirement, we the young, healthy, working individuals are going to have to cough up a lot of cash to cover the rising cost of healthcare. We shouldn’t have to. Nope nope nope.

3. Pre-existing conditions should not determine eligibility for health insurance. It’s pretty shady if insurance companies are denying coverage to people who need insurance the most. I understand that from the business perspective, someone with cancer or heart problems is a “risky investment” but we’re not talking stocks and bonds… it’s someone’s life! Even if you are young, healthy, working, and don’t have any preexisting conditions, you might have an aunt, uncle or sister that has a condition. And losing someone you love because you can’t afford the medicine/treatments/chemo? Not fun.

Let’s help Obama implement his plan. Show your support, Tweet your senator, voice your opinion, create dialogue in your community, and spread the truth.

Here are some links that have been useful:

NY Times Blog

Huffington Post Article interview with Howard Dean

Until next time… empower yourself with the truth!




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Sarah Palin needs a swift backhand. Like, now.

Sarah Palin Satire CartoonThis heffer: Sarah Palin is attacking clean energy. She wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post stating Obama’s clean energy plan is basically a “cap and tax” plan and it will only increase taxes on energy. She proposes we drill, baby drill. Ugh that statement has to be THE stupidest catch phrase the Republicans have ever used. People are smart and are learning how to read through politician’s lies, ahem, I mean lines. Obviously Sarah Palin wants to monetize Alaska’s oil reserves. Hey guys, let’s get our dependency off of foreign oil. Yeah, thats right, come to mama. It’s soooo obvious the only reason she’s blasting Obama’s clean energy plan is so she can fatten her pockets with big oil money. 

She wants America to get off foreign oil, use all the oil we have here, and then… what?  That’s what I thought. SHE MAKES ME SO FURIOUS!! 

Whew, OK I’m back. Had to let that out.

Why would anyone criticize the shift to alternative energy? By turning our focus away from fossil fuels and towards solar and wind power, we are doing 3 things:

  1. Creating jobs
  2. Saving the environment
  3. Leading the way for other countries to follow

Palin needs a backhand. Someone needs to shut her up and let Obama do his work. The Waxman-Markey bill is a small stepping stone towards the path of energy independence. If we let her kick this stepping stone, then we’ll all be kicking rocks 10 years from now when dealing with the repercussions of global warming. 

This article has a more in-depth look as to exactly why she’s attacking the bill, and what the consequences will be if we back away from it. And This article tells you more about ACES. 

It’s just so funny to see Palin talking in circles and carefully avoiding the phrases “global warming” or “greenhouse emissions” when attacking the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES). Palin claims that it will cost thousands in tax dollars, yet fails to mention the financial costs of climate change. Maybe if consumers and businesses are seeing higher energy bills, it will force them to CONSERVE energy, not be so wasteful, and seriously consider alternative energy for their homes and businesses. The Huffington Post says:

“But in a new non-partisan analysis, the Environmental Protection Agency reiterates… GDP would increase by more than $5.1 trillion by 2030, says the agency, and costs to families would be no more than $140 per year. That doesn’t take into effect reduced energy costs from energy efficiency and greater use of solar and wind sources.”

BOOYAH! Game recognizes game. 


Lets focus on the positive. Support The American Clean Energy and Security Act by calling your representative and simply letting them know you support it! Spread the word about clean energy, and defuse the lies Palin is trying to spread. Be ahead of the game and start conserving energy. Be the change you wish to see in the world. (Had to slip that last one in somehow) 

❤ Raychel

P.S. Read this mock article based off Palin’s Huffington Post Article… so funny!

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