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How YOU Can Help Fight the Gulf Oil Leak

We’ve all heard the news of the continued failure of BP AND the US government to stop the geyser of oil erupting out of the Gulf. What can WE do?

Sign this petition asking Congress to invest in clean energy and STOP plans for more offshore drilling.

These photos are horrifying, yet they beautifully depict the magnitude of the problem. I hope they inspire all of us to do more to stop this problem.

If you really want to make an impact, you can volunteer. The United Way of South Mississippi is organizing volunteers, and you can find more info here.

Another innovative way to soak up the oil is for all of us to get our hair cut and send it to the Gulf!  Seriously, you can organize a hair cutting event or ask your local barber to send their hair scraps to the gulf.  Check out this video to learn about what people are doing.

Thank you for reading, and if you have more ideas for how we can address this problem, please comment.



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How to be Green

Green Lifestyle

Oh, the green lifestyle. Hippies, tree-huggers, liberals – we all get a bad rap for caring about the planet, but let me just say I am SO glad that green is more mainstream. It only makes sense. Living a green lifestyle helps you save money, and it preserves this beautiful Earth. So without further adieu, here are some handy-dandy ways to be green.

SHOPPING: Want some cool, original stuff that also helps people out? Check out for some green shopping. They have clothes, jewelery, purses, shoes, all made by people in countries with extreme poverty. This is a great way to not only define your sense of style, but know that the shirt you’re buying is going to feed a family in Thailand for the next week.

FILMMAKERS! Make your production green and of course save money! will give you all the resources you need to make sure everything from your catering to your wardrobe is Earth-friendly. And did I mention save money? Use that money for some dope special effects. Also check out the Environmental Media Association at for more info about how to produce your film or project in a more green way.

NEED A JOB???? Get a green job! Not only do you make money, but you save the Earth! Super-hero status all the way. <—- all the info and resources you need for green job-hunting. Here’s one more for good luck

And here, just because I think it’s cool, are some entrepreneurs who are making being green their business. A great read.

Stay tuned for more tips, and especially those of you looking for jobs, I GOT THE HOOK UP! Well, I just have some great resources, but will be sharing them in the next post, next week. Until then – stay green 🙂

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